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What is Support Human Resources?

This site is meant to be a comprehensive repository of all things CX, all in one place: courses and training, books, newsletters, podcasts, professional communities, tooling, gear, job boards, and more.

This site is part of the Support Human ecosystem and is managed by me, Steph Lundberg.

Is Support Human Resources a review site?

Not at the moment, because that would be a lot of work that I don't have the bandwidth for right now.

Having said that, I think CX folks would benefit from a review site catered just for them, and I can definitely see SHR evolving to include reviews at some point.

Why make a resources site?

I started this site for two reasons:

  1. I found myself bookmarking a bunch of resources to refer back to while I was writing the Support Human Roundup, which got pretty tedious. I wanted a single place to go to find all the information I needed.
  2. CX professionals deserve nice things. We so often only get sites and tools meant for developers or sales or content folks, and we just sort of have to make do with what relevant scraps we can find from those resources. I wanted to create something that was made specifically for CX pros, with our needs and wants in mind.

How often will you be updating / adding resources?

On a rolling basis! New resources are being created all the time, so I'll be adding resources basically all the time.

Can I suggest CX resources to be add to the site?

Absolutely! To suggest a resource, fill out the form here. Be sure to let me know if you'd like me to credit you for the find.

I will not accept resources created by AI. Yes, I will check, and yes, I can tell.

Feel free to suggest resources you created or manage, although I reserve the right to add or not add resources at my sole discretion, and I don't provide updates on suggested resources, as that would be a lot of extra work.

I work for a company operating in the CX space. Can I suggest our own resources to be added to the site?

Absolutely! If it's in the CX industry or serves a CX audience, feel free to suggest it.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of resources you can suggest to be added to the site:

  • Your company blog, provided it is primarily informational in nature (in other words, some marketing content is fine, but it shouldn't only contain marketing material)
  • Courses, training, and certifications (branded courses or certifications solely related to using your product are fine)
  • A company-branded podcast, provided it is primarily informational in nature
  • A company-branded newsletter, provided it is primarily informational in nature
  • Company-published books and pamphlets, provided they are primarily informational in nature (are you starting to detect a theme?). Note on this: I have a strong preference for material like this to not be behind a paywall / contact info form. If you suggest a book behind a paywall / contact info form, it should be very high-quality content or have an obvious value proposition for CX folks.
  • Tools and software created by your company (it should be very clear what value said tools and software have for CX folks specifically)
  • Gear, tech, and gadgets created by your company, such as headphones, keyboards, computers, etc., as long as it's clear how your gear helps CX folks specifically.

I will not accept company resources created by AI. Yes, I will check, and yes, I can tell.

You can use the Suggest a Resource form to submit company resources, or you can email me at If you'd like to include a brief or summary of the resource, there's a good chance I'll include it when I add the resource to the site, although I will add a note that the company was the source of the information.

Finally, as with non-company-submitted resources, I reserve the right to add or not add resources at my sole discretion, and I don't provide updates on suggested resources.

Can my company sponsor resources on the site?

Maybe. My primary goal for this and any site I manage is for it to be a high-quality, helpful resource for CX professionals, and I'd like to avoid a situation in which my audience constantly feels like they're being sold to.

Having said that, I'll consider thoughtful proposals that prioritize the needs and preferences of CX professionals, so feel free to reach out to me at if you're interested in this kind of partnership.

What's the difference between a directory and a collection?

A directory shows all resources of a specific type. For instance, if you go to the Podcast directory, you'll see all the podcasts that have been added to the site. You can then filter the podcasts by primary topic by clicking on the topic in the left menu bar; for example, you could click on Community to see all podcasts covering that topic.

A collection shows you all the resources for a particular theme, discipline, or topic. For example, if you go to the Experience collection, you'll see any resource related to customer experience, be it a book, podcast, training, job board, etc. Just like with directories, you can filter a collection by a specific resource by clicking on the resource type in the left menu; e.g., clicking on Books would show you all books related to customer experience.

I noticed that information about a resource is incorrect. What do I do?

First of all, so sorry about that! I do my best to accurately represent and categorize resources, but I'm bound to make mistakes.

If you notice a resource's summary, category, tagging, link, etc. is incorrect, please let me know! You can use the Suggest a Resource form for convenience, or you are always welcome to email me at

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