Intelligent Swarming Insights

This one-day, Trainer-led workshop provides an introduction to the concepts and core principles of Intelligent Swarming.
Intelligent Swarming Insights

Website: KCS v6 Practices Certification, Consortium for Service Innovation
Type: Workshop (no certification upon completion)
Location: Varies according to training provider
Price: Varies according to provider

This one-day, Trainer-led workshop provides:

  • An introduction to the concepts and core principles.
  • A summary of case studies, benefits, and lessons learned from the early adopters
  • Is Intelligent Swarming a good fit for your organization? Key enablers and adoption considerations.

Sample Agenda

Welcome & IntroductionsSet the context for the workshop, get to know who is in the room
Intelligent Swarming OverviewUnderstanding of Intelligent Swarming principles, process and benefits
Is Intelligent Swarming Right for Your Organization?Identify the key factors that indicate relevance: complexity, severity, new vs known ratio
Who Else Is Doing It? Case Studies.Insight to early adopters’ experience
Critical EnablersUnderstand the key dependencies for success
Organizational AssessmentHow to assess your organization, where are they are with respect to the critical enablers?
Adoption ConsiderationsIdeas on how and where to get started

Certified Trainers have flexibility on what they include in each course; please check with them on the specifics of their agenda.

About the author
Steph Lundberg

Steph Lundberg

Steph is a writer and Support leader/consultant. When she's not screaming into the void for catharsis, you can find her crafting, hanging with her kids, or spending entirely too much time on Tumblr.

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