KCS® v6 Fundamentals

This interactive, self-paced training introduces the basics and benefits of Knowledge-Centered Support.
KCS® v6 Fundamentals

Website: KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification, Consortium for Service Innovation
Type: Certification
Location: Self-paced, Online
Price: $195 for course and exam (bundle); $145 for course, $95 for exam

This interactive, self-paced training introduces the basics and benefits of KCS.


  • Basics and benefits of Knowledge-Centered Support, including Principles and Core Concepts
  • How to do the KCS Solve Loop in the workflow and the value it creates (the KCS Article and the process for creating one)
  • Leading versus lagging indicators of success
  • How the knowledge worker’s KCS performance is assessed

$145 (USD). 60-90 minutes to complete. Must be completed within 12 weeks of purchase.

KCS v6 Fundamentals is an entry-level certification to ensure common understanding of KCS basics.

  • Prerequisites: The KCS v6 Fundamentals self-paced online training is recommended but not required.
  • If you landed here after completing the KCS v6 Fundamentals self-paced online training, please review the KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide and then visit
    • "MY LEARNING" if you have already enrolled in the course/exam bundle, or 
    • the CATALOG to purchase (202.1) KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification Exam. 
  • Format and Pricing: $95 online, non-proctored exam of about 25 questions with a 60 minute time limit. Bundle the exam with the KCS v6 Fundamentals online course for $195 or purchase the course separately for $145. Exam retake fee is $95. The KCS Certification is currently only available in English. Testing centers are worldwide. All fees are non-refundable. Reference materials can be used during the exam. See online course catalog.

Intended Audience

  • Internal or external Support Agents
  • Knowledge workers fielding interactions with employees, peers, or customers
  • Anyone interested in learning the basics of KCS

Topics and Learning Objectives

The exam is based on material outlined in the KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide and designed with the following question in mind: If you hired someone to capture, structure, and reuse knowledge based on interactions, what would you expect them to know and understand about KCS?

The KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification designates individuals who demonstrate a basic understanding of:

  • KCS concepts including KCS Principles and Core Concepts
  • Benefits of KCS and the creation, reuse, and improvement of knowledge articles
  • The KCS article and the process for creating one
  • How to integrate KCS processes into the workflow
  • How the knowledge worker’s KCS performance should be assessedt o drive desired behaviors
  • Leading vs. lagging indicators

The certification standards and exam are developed and maintained by a committee of Members from the Consortium for Service Innovation. No specific product or technology is covered in the exam. Specifics about individual company content standard, roles, workflow, and life cycle states that are unique to an organization are not included in the exam.

About the author
Steph Lundberg

Steph Lundberg

Steph is a writer and Support leader/consultant. When she's not screaming into the void for catharsis, you can find her crafting, hanging with her kids, or spending entirely too much time on Tumblr.

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