The Community-Led Event Program Playbook

This course is for community teams and professionals who are building a distributed events program into their community strategy.
The Community-Led Event Program Playbook

Website: The Community-Led Event Program Playbook, CMX Academy
Type: Professional Certification
Location: Self-paced, Online
Price: $499

It can be daunting to be in the beginning phase of building a distributed events program. There are a lot of questions that will come up, and many “what if’s” that will be hard to answer. This course will take you through the necessary steps to get you and your program ready for launch day, and point out the potential pitfalls you’ll probably run into.

The Playbook to Build Your Community-Led Event Program

Community-Led is the future of business! Brands and businesses are beginning to realize the power of the customer’s voices, and are tapping into the power of human interaction as their most effective marketing, sales, customer success, and education tool.

A Community-Led event program is when a company or organization hosts events for their customers and users. By making it distributed, a brand can reach more people in a more efficient, and scalable way.

Companies and organizations like Salesforce, Atlassian, Duolingo, CreativeMornings, and Techqueria are using distributed (community-led) events to build their customer base, drive revenue, and improve customer retention and success.

The Community-Led Playbook: Course Outline

Section 1

An Introduction to Community-Led event programs

  • What is Community-Led.
  • How can Community-Led and distributed events positively impact business.

Section 2

Build the basics of your program

  • Establish clear goals and objectives for your program.
  • Be ready to launch your program and prepare to scale!

Section 3

Find and define the leaders for your program

  • Define the volunteers who will be involved in your program.
  • Determine the goals and expectations of the leaders.

Section 4

Build the application and onboarding processes

  • Establish an application process for getting leaders onboard.
  • Create a foolproof onboarding process so every chapter launches with success.

Section 5

Build your program’s playbook!

  • Utilize everything you learned in the course to create the playbook for your program.
  • Hit the go button!

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for community teams and professionals who are building a distributed events program into their community strategy. These events can be in-person or virtual, like meetups, user groups, webinars, really any kind of event you want to empower your community members to organize!

This course is intended for organizations using the “snowflake model” to build their programs. The snowflake model is all about empowering your super members and volunteers within your community, to take the torch, start local chapters, and host events on your brand’s behalf.

About the author
Steph Lundberg

Steph Lundberg

Steph is a writer and Support leader/consultant. When she's not screaming into the void for catharsis, you can find her crafting, hanging with her kids, or spending entirely too much time on Tumblr.

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